Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!

A surprise appearance by the Easter bunny as well as baby chicks and bunnies made for a very special afternoon with our neighborhood friends!  William was beyond thrilled with the animals but was absolutely terrified of the Easter bunny…he would start screaming and running away each time he noticed the bunny was anywhere near him.  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A week with Nanny

Nanny had Lily and William all by herself for EIGHT DAYS!
Luckily, she seems to still be talking to me and loving her grand babies. :)

We received numerous photos of their activities while she was in charge.

lots of tea parties, inside and out

a visit to the Simple Farm, one of our favorite places

hours and hours of dress up
(Lily is a bride getting married to her prince)

and of course a visit to Scottsdale Gymnastics!

Where were Ryan and I? Key West!
Thank you to Ryan for his hard work last year, and his company for inviting us on this amazing trip! 

And thank you to Nanny for giving up a week, loving on our kiddos, and allowing us to go on a MUCH needed vacation.
We appreciate and love her more than words can express!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Team photo of the 'Fireballs' from a recent soccer game

Lily's biggest fan.  He can't wait to get out onto that field!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Take me out to the ballgame

It was a baseball filled weekend. One of Ryan's best friends, Sean, was in town for spring training and a little basketball watching.  

Three games in three days.  

On Friday, I dropped the boys off early to watch March Madness.  William was not happy to be left behind…"Why can't I go with Daddy and Uncle Sean??  I like basketball, baseball, and beer too!"

Saturday, all three boys headed to Surprise to cheer on the Royals, while Lily and I enjoyed a girls day, including her soccer game and an ice cream treat afterwards.

On Sunday, the whole crew watched the Giants vs the Royals in Old Town.  Lily loved her HUGE bag of cotton candy, William loved people watching and all kinds of balls, and Mommy loved the sunshine and great company.  Such a fun weekend with Uncle Sean.  We should make this an annual event!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The photo below was taken almost exactly one year ago…
(Grayson, Thomas, and William)
This was last week at the park.
Where did our babies go??

Lily's best friend McKenzie (Grayson's big sis) will be moving to Atlanta.  The only way Lily is understanding this big change is relating it to never seeing her George and Henry…"Mommy, it's like when we never go to Miss Amy's house anymore, right?  I miss George and Henry.  All you and Miss Amy ever did was sit around and talk.  Mommies are so boring."  Love that girl! 

We will miss the Alley family very much but are excited for their adventures and wishing them the best of luck!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


{Sorry for the radio silence…backtracking a few weeks!}

Our favorite spring visitor arrived in AZ…Grandma O!  We did lots of fun activities, including a visit to the Butterfly Wonderland, a hike on our local nature trail, and gymnastics play.  But a visit to Arizona in the springtime would not be complete without a spring training baseball game!  The weather was beautiful, and dare I say, a tiny bit hot!?!  

The kids (and mom, ha!) enjoyed a huge ice cream sundae, which quickly ended up all over William.  Luckily, we sat in the lawn open seating so they had plenty of room to run around and burn off all that sugar.  A little wrestling with Daddy helped as well!

As always, we loved having Grandma visit and are thankful for the quality time with her!

Friday, February 28, 2014

18 months

February 10, 2014
Weight - 24 lb, 10 oz. 29 percentile
Length -33 1/4 inches. 75 percentile
Head - 48 cm, 55 percentile

~You were slow to walk (almost 16 months) but once you started, you took off and haven't looked back since.  You run all day long and give us serious exercise chasing after you.
~Your favorite indoor games are shooting hoops, banging cabinets, and heading upstairs to play with your trains.  Your favorite outdoors games are anything with balls or bikes. You continue to be all boy, all the time!
~You have lots of words.  A few recent additions include up, down, choo-choo, trash, shoes (zoos), bus, bike, bar (granola bar), eat, and wah-wah (water).  Your favorite word continues to be "no" on repeat, often said with an ornery grin.
~You can be an oxymoron at times.  You are a very laid-back and chill guy, but can be high maintenance at the same time.  You do not like new people or strangers, and are very attached to Mom and Dad.  However, I am once again working this spring and have a sweet gal babysitting you twice a week.  You absolutely love her, flip out of my arms when she arrives, and wave goodbye to me as I'm walking out the door.  I'm thrilled for you (and me!!).  
~You play favorites.  One day, Mommy is the only parent who can feed, bath, put you to bed, etc and then the next, you will completely switch alliances.  Once you decide the 'parent of the day', there is no going back…you are quite stubborn and determined to get your way.  
~You have started showing a temper as well as asserting your independence.  I miss my always sweet boy, but love watching you grow.  Just promise me you will cuddle with me when you're 16…ha!

~You have such a sense of humor.  You are always trying to make us laugh and after doing something funny, you stop and look for our reaction.  Reminds me a bit of your father.  :)  Boy humor has popped up a few times, with fake burps and lots of giggles to follow.
~It's hard for me to believe you are 18 months already.  You will always be my baby but time is absolutely flying by.  We love you more than words, William Tommy!